Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost

What the Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost

The first thing that I look for in any program that I am looking to join is the cost.

Are you looking for an affordable affiliate community that you can join for affiliate advise?

I can tell you that the Wealthy Affiliate program will cost you very little in money when it compares to the doors that it opens for you.

In fact, what you get in advice, training, affiliate website and research tools will out way the little it cost to be a premium member.

The owners (Kyle and Carson) are so confident in this, that they even have a free membership option that will give new affiliates a taste of what it is like to be a Wealthy Affiliate member.

What does the Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Fact: There are 2 types of memberships at the Wealthy Affiliate.  The least expensive is the FREE limited membership.  Then there is the premium membership which you can pay monthly $49 or yearly $349.

It is up to you which of the memberships best fits your needs and financial

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

The Wealthy Affiliate is a community of affiliate marketers that share information, training and provides affiliate tools to members.

For a detailed breakdown of the Wealthy Affiliate program, read my latest Wealthy Affiliate Review.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost

Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost

It does not matter what program you choose to buy into.  Picking the Wealthy Affiliate program, deciding to give Income School a try or even deciding to go at it alone all come with a cost that you will have to pay.

The question that I ask everyone that I mentor is,  “what’s important to your business?”

Is saving money important?

Or, do you want a kick butt website that converts visitors into consumers?

I know what is important to me and my business.

So I’ve listed a few of the cost that you may have to give up in order to create a fantastic business website.

1. Actual monetary cost

Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost

This is the one that boggles me.  There is NO cost to give the Wealthy Affiliate a try.  Again, there is now Wealthy Affiliate program cost to crating a great website.

The Wealthy Affiliate community has a FREE membership option for those that want to test drive the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  You get to try the training videos, participate in the community discussions, take advantage of the various website and keyword research tools.

All for FREE!


There is a financial cost if you want to upgrade to gain full advantage of the tools and training videos.

But everything you need is in the FREE membership.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a TRY!!!

2. Your time

Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost

Running a business will cost you a lot of your time.  Things are not going to get done unless you handle the task you need for creating your website.

The Wealthy Affiliate has the training that will walk you through the steps of designing, registering, creating and marketing your new business website.

But they are not going to do it for you.

It’s your business and you are going to have to run it.

What you gain as a Wealthy Affiliate member

Being a Wealthy Affiliate member has so many perks.

You become part of a community of entrepreneurs that are eager to help each other succeed.

The free membership gives you limited access to all the research and keyword tools, 2 websites, the content writer and the first 10 lessons that will provide the basics knowledge about how to create a successful business website.

The premium membership opens the doors to allow you to have more websites, more community access and unlimited access to the research tools.

So when it comes down to it. You are getting so much more in the program that you are giving up.  No matter it you stay a FREE member or upgrade to the premium membership.

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Online Business Talk Owner

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