What is an Affiliate Marketing Business

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Business?

Are you someone that is looking for an online business idea and are wondering what is an affiliate marketing business?  Now that is something that I can help with a quick break down post giving you the basics of affiliate marketing.

So continue reading if you want to learn more and find our how you can benefit from a free membership with the top affiliate marketing community.

What is an Affiliate?

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My first task is to help you see that an affiliate is simply someone that uses online marketing techniques in order to promote online products and services.  The affiliate makes commissions on sales that are made through their business website.

Many affiliates use blogs and niche websites as a way of communicating with online consumers who are looking for online products or services.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business?

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Business

The affiliate marketing business can be very profitable if the affiliate marketer has the time and determination to build quality websites that get top search engine tracking.

The key to any affiliate business is getting visitors to come to the website.

A normal conversion rate for an average affiliate website is 2%  That means that for every 100 visitors to the affiliates website, only 2 visitors will click through and make a purchase.

So it is important that the affiliate understand the products they are promoting and have the knowledge about what their visitors are looking for.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliates have thousands of affiliate networks to choose from when it comes to find products to sell.

I like to promote items that I have some experience working with.  Affiliates should take the same path and promote items that they can speak for.

For example, if you have a hobby in making blankets, you can start a blog and post videos detailing how to make blankets.

You would search the Internet for affiliate networks that have various products related to blanket making.

I use a Google search and search “Big Yarn Blankets + Affiliate”.

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Business

As you can see above there are a number of affiliate networks that I can sign up for.

There are also big affiliate networks like Amazon, Target and EBay (to name a few) that I can sell blanket making tools and yarn.

What is an Affiliate Website?

The interface that an affiliate uses to reach their consumers is the business website or blog.

An affiliate website is the tool that affiliates use to communicate to their visitors and offer suggestions that will meet the needs of their customers.

Affiliates create blogs or website by registering a domain that is related to the products that they are going to promote.  Then they will create content that their readers can read that give them information and suggestions.

So how does the consumer reach the product page?  That is through the use of an affiliate link.

What is an Affiliate Link?

The affiliate link is a special web link that affiliate networks assign to the affiliate for tracking the clicks for each purchase that is made.

An affiliate will place the affiliate link in the text of each blog post, in images on the post or page, and in banners that promote products or services.

Thank you for reading my post What is an Affiliate Marketing Business?  This is a topic that i am very passionate about and I hope that I’ve been able to help you gain the knowledge that you need to start your own affiliate marketing business.

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