Wealthy Affiliate Scam Report – It Gets a B Minus

Looking for the Wealthy Affiliate Scam Report that you can trust? I’ve been a FREE member and a PREMIUM member of the Wealthy Affiliate.  So, I have inside experience with the program and I am hoping the SAVE YOU MONEY!

Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost

Most of the reviews that I have come across will highlight all the good things and conveniently leave out most of the bad aspects of the program so that you will not be afraid to purchase.  NOT ME!!!

My Wealthy Affiliate Experience

My name is Doug Quinn and I’ve been running my own several online websites for over 5 years.

This is a part-time passion of mine for several years. I do hold an MBA degree, but the reason that I got into this part-time was to help me pay off the enormous debt that I had racked up through student loans. So now my part-time passion is helping me pay that debt down.

I started with my first website after buying an affiliate marketing e-book. I was hooked on the promises it made and the step by step process seems to be an easy one to follow. So, the $99 e-book investment did not seem too high.

Over the next 4 years, I purchased 10 websites and joined several other affiliate programs that promised to take my slow affiliate business to the next level. But in the end, I learned that those were just empty promises which add up to over $2000 in e-books, memberships and websites. I was failing big time.

Finally, in January of 2018, I ran into this website called the Wealthy Affiliate. They offered a free membership for anyone that wanted to try their program. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. I didn’t have anything to loss. So, I took another leap of faith and gave them a try.
Was everything on their platform what I needed for a successful affiliate business? Not really. But I was able to get all my questions answered by other affiliates knowledgeable in this business.

I quickly learned what I was doing wrong, and the community was able to help me correct my mistakes so that I could start converting visitors into affiliate sales.

What I Like About the Wealthy Affiliate

My Wealthy Affiliate Scam Report will need to discuss what I like about the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  I listed below my 4 favorite things that really made me want to stay a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

FREE Membership

New affiliates can test drive the Wealthy Affiliate platform to get a taste of the affiliate lifestyle. You can upgrade to PREMIUM if you like it and want to add more perks.

Website Builder & Tools

The Wealthy Affiliate has a built in website builder. You can register, build and add site content directly from the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Community Access

Free members get full access to the full Wealthy Affiliate community for questions. Then you will need to become a Premium member to keep that perk.

Training Courses

There is a large amount of training webinars available for premium members. Community members are always adding new ones weekly. Free members get access to the first 10 webinars.

What I DO NOT Like about the Wealthy Affiliate

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Membership Cost Premium

The monthly cost for the Premium membership still seems a little high for me. You do get some good perks. but I think the monthly cost should be $25 per month and a yearly membership of $275..

Outdated Training

Some of the main video's are outdated. Some of the videos show the old Wealthy Affiliate platform being used.The community is constantly adding new video training weekly, I got more training from the community when being compared to the main training videos.

Promote WA Push

There is a big push in the community to promote the Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliates can make good money promoting in smaller niche markets. But the WA pushes those that have trouble in the smaller markets to transition to promoting WA.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam Report - My Final Thoughts

Now my Wealthy Affiliate Scam Report must come to a close.

In the end, I find that the WA platform is ideal for anyone that is new to  affiliate marketing.  The platform is a great way for newbies to learn the rope, build converting websites and learn about all of the different ways that they can market their business.

Would I stay on as a premium member?  I would only stay on with the community in order to be a mentor to the other newbies that need guidance.  But you can be just as successful on your own once you find your footing.

If I was able to give a grade on my Wealthy Affiliate Scam Report, it would get a B-.


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