How to Start an Affiliate Business

How to Start an Affiliate Business | How I Started My Affiliate Business

Are you looking for some advice about how to start an affiliate business?

Starting an affiliate business is not a tough thing if you know what you need to do and how to get access to the tools you will need to run it.

What is an affiliate business?

For a detailed description of what affiliating marketing is, check out this Wiki Link.

An affiliate is a website (or blog) owner that uses their site to bridge online consumers with online vendors with the purpose of earing commissions

That really is the best definition that I can give it.

How I started out as an affiliate

how to start an affiliate business

Being a newbie, I must communicate to you what your life is going to be like for now, if you choose to get into this business. Consider it a warning. If you are interested in continuing, after this part, more power to you. So, let me discuss how I started out as an affiliate.

My name is Doug and I’ve been an affiliate marketer for the past 5 years. It’s been a on and off again love affair that has its highs and its lows.
In the beginning I rushed out the doors, bought a number of websites and followed all the advice of the e-books and online forums that I ran into. I subscribed to online memberships hoping that they would give up some secret on how the best affiliates are making such a great living.
Two years in, I gave up. I made a total of $225 after spending over $3,500 in websites, memberships and e-books. I decided to focus on my 9 to 5 job.
One year later, a friend of mine (at work) asked if I knew what an affiliate was. I learned that she had also gone through the same heart-ache in trying to start her own affiliate business the previous year. The only difference is that she found a community of active real-life affiliates that were willing to help her do it the right way. No promises of getting rich quick. Just doing it the right way.
So, I joined the community for FREE and have built a business that brings in a steady income for the past 2 years. My business does not mean that I am rich. I do this part-time for extra cash. The income is good, and it continues to grow slowly as my business grows.

How to Start an Affiliate Business as a Newbie

These are the steps that I put into action successful affiliate websites, after I joined the right affiliate community..

1. Find a soft niche market for your website

how to start an affiliate business

New affiliates make the mistake of building their business websites in niche markets that are saturated with affiliates.  For example, making money online and weight loss are the two most saturated markets on the Internet.  They are difficult to gain any traction in terms of getting visitors looking for information and consumers that are looking to buy.

As a new affiliate, you would be better off entering a market that is not saturated.

For example, how about a website that provides information about the best collars for dogs.  Or a niche in coaching a sport, making blankets and so on.

If you have a hobby, turn your hobby into a business and help others do it.

2. Register and build your blog website

how to start an affiliate business

When learning how to Start an affiliate business, newbies should remember that the website is how affiliates communicate their ideas and thoughts with all visitors who come to the site.  So, it is important that the website be easy to use and pleasing to the eye.  Visitors will quickly leave the site if they do not like the look or have a hard time finding the information that they want.

Below are two domain providers where a new affiliate can register a domain and use their hosting tools to build a site from any of their hundreds of templates.

3. Use high ranking keyword phrases for site content

Newbies should learn the basics of using SEO optimization as a way to get top site ranking.

Affiliates can learn how to turn keyword phrases into high ranking site content by joining the Wealthy Affiliate or JOIN FOR FREE.

All I need to say that SEO optimization is great for those who love to write and add content every week.  The more keyword phrases and content on your website will help it to gain first page ranking on the search engines like Google, BING and Yahoo.

For those who hate writing,  there are a number of ways you can find and purchase articles from online writers that will sell articles to you.

For more information about Keyword search visit my Jaaxy Review.

4. Join affiliate networks and use affiliate links

how to start an affiliate business

Affiliate links are the way that the affiliate vendors (who have the products) know which affiliate refered the consumer to their website.  But many affiliate networks require that you register for their affiliate network to gain access to the products you can promote on your website.

Affiliate networks should be free to join. NEVER join a network that requires you pay a membership fee.  Those are scam vendors and should be avoided.

Affiliate networks like Commission Junction and ClickBank will approve you immediately.

Amazon, Target and a lot of the bigger affiliate networks will want to inspect your website and see if they qualify.  So you may have to spend 6 months building, tweaking and marketing your website before the big networks will approve your site.

Once you are approved for a network, use the banners and images provided by the network and add them to your website.  Then create direct links to the images and text, using your specific affiliate link (provided by the network).  These affiliate links will make sure you get paid if your visitors turned into a consumer and buy’s something on your network.

5. Rinse and repeat

Now that you website is cooking, keep adding fresh content to it regularly.  I try to update my websites once a week.

Thank you for visiting my website and learning how to start an affiliate business as a newbie.

If you are looking for serious help and all the tools you need to build a killer website, join the Wealthy Affiliate for FREE  NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.

Doug Online Business Talk Owner
Online Business Talk Owner

Doug is the owner of Online Business Talk and sole contributor on all the articles.  He is married, has 5 kids and lives in Maryland, in the DC area.  Doug holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.  The mission of Online business talk it to provide helpful information to new online business and entrepreneurs that are entering the online business marketplace.

For more information about Doug or this website vise “About Doug” for more information.

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