Choosing a Web Hosting Company is Important

Choosing a web hosting company does not need to be a difficult task for the sake of your website.  But it is an important aspect that needs to be taken seriously.

Having a well designed website does require the expertise of a highly technical company that can offer the right things for your business and the website that they will host.

So, let me cut right to it.

Why Choosing a Web Hosting Company is Important

choosing a hosting companyThere are so many reasons that business owners should be careful when grading and selecting a hosting provider. 

The biggest reason that you need to make the right hosting decision is that the website is going to be the first thing that your prospective consumers are going to see and interact with. 

Having a poorly designed website can be detrimental to your business and could result in some negative effects on your business and your bottom line.

What happens when you choose the wrong web hosting provider

So now let me talk about what could happen if your choose the wrong hosting company.

The one thing that will keep visitors from visiting or returning to your website is ow the site looks and how it performs. 

Do not expect your visitors to stay or return if your website it down or has sluggish performance.

Below are some of the other results of choosing a wrong hosting company.

1. Loss of revenue

Think about all the sales that you could be missing out on if your website was down.  

For example, your e-commerce website averages revenues of $250 per hour. That is a $250 loss of revenue for each hour your website is down,  That turns into $2,500 if your website is down for 10 hours.   What if you averaged $,1000 per hour.  Now we are talking about a loss of $24,000 if your website is down for a full 24 hours. 

Now how does that make your feel?  That scares the hell out of me.

2. Poor SEO ranking

Long outages and slow website performance can be detected by the big Internet search engines.  They like to give top search rankings to websites that are reliable and that serve all visitors.

You could loss your top keyword SEO ranking if they see that your website is not stable.

3. Website Security

Reputable hosting companies will backup your data regularly should a security issue arise. Having the wrong provide may result in long downtime’s if they do not back up and protect your website.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Now that we have all the negative stuff out of the way, let me talk about what you should look for when choosing a web hosting company.

1. How much support do you need?

Will you need a lot of hand holding designing and building a website? Are you going to need a hosting provider that is known for their strong customer phone support for access issues related to functionality, email and trouble reporting.

2. How much traffic do you expect to get?

Be honest about the amount of traffic you expect to get.  Going with a cheaper hosting provider may be OK if you are expecting less than 500 visitors a day.

3. Understand hosting types

There are a number of hosting services to choose from.  I will briefly describe the top two which would be a good choose for any new online business website.  The others would be a good choice after your business has grown and your website needs more power to keep up with traffic demands.

Shared hosting is the most common choose when it comes to starting a quick entry-level online business website. 
Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is when a dedicate partition is created for the website in a shared environment.

The four other hosting services are ….

Dedicated server hosting
Cloud hosting
Managed hosting

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In closing

As an online business owner, I hope that you will take your choice in choosing a great hosting company that you can trust for you business website.  Hiring a mediocre provider could be a mistake that will cost you in revenue and hurt your brand.  If you are are currently in this situation, it is not too late.  You can always change providers and get your website back on track.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post about choosing a hosting provider.  Please leave a comment below and let me know if you liked this post.  I m good with constructive criticism too.


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